Rainforest Publications’ fold-out field identification guides for wildlife in the Caribbean region of Mexico are designed to slip into your pocket. You will be able to easily access our field guides and identify the critters you see while on your walk, hikes, and excursions through Mexico’s Caribbean region, including the Yucatan, Campeche, and Quintana Roo.

Our guides are UV resistant and quite durable. Interested in technical information about the construction of our wildlife pocket id guides? See technical specs.

The Rainforest Publications series of guides to wildlife in the Mexican Caribbean areas include:

  • Two of our popular marine guides, Reef Fish and Sport Fish guides. Marine guides are 7″ by 11″ (17.85 cm by 28 cm), printed on both side with UV resistant inks.
  • Five of our popular foldout guides, Birds, Mammals, Marine, Butterfly, and Tropical Fruit guides. These guides are available for the Mexican Caribbean area: Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Campeche.
  • And for good measure, five fold-out pocket guides to the flora of Mexico. These guides cover all regions of Mexico, including both the Pacific and the Caribbean coastal regions.
    • New Pocket Guide to the Herbs-Spices of Mexico (for pepper lovers);
    • Pocket Guide to the Fruit of Mexico (also for food lovers);
    • Pocket Guide to the Trees of Mexico
    • Pocket Guide to the Flowers of Mexico
    • Pocket Guide to the Orchids of Mexico

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