In Mexico, about half of the forests are owned by communities and ejidos. Selva Maya in the Yucatan Peninsula, this ratio is 61.3%. As a result, residents have the ability to make decisions to define the fate of the jungle.
Currently, the Selva Maya faces numerous challenges. One of them is climate change, which for the location and geography of the peninsula, presents and will present important impacts more pronounced droughts, hurricanes, increased soil erosion, among other impacts affecting ecosystems, people and producers.
Against this background, many communities, accompanied by the civil society have decided to experiment with new ways to achieve conservation and sustainable rural development, which must be compatible with biodiversity while enabling mitigate and adapt to the impacts climate change.
The purpose of this website is to present a series of experiences, told by producers and local CSOs that accompany and contribute substantially to the changes happen. His commitment and dedication to operate programs and projects in the field of the very communities and producers allow the field becomes reality, towards a model of truly sustainable rural development.